Incubation emergency


Mar 5, 2018
I really wasn't thinking:he I have 20 eggs ready to hatch in 4 days and I put in more:oops: now I have 20 16 day old and 14 17 day old eggs in the same incubator (I don't have another one) what should I do when it is lock down!
Am I reading correctly that your eggs are only separated in age by one day?

If so, no need to panic. Just delay lockdown by 12-24 hours. Should work out fine.
x2 Unless you are saying that you have just added more to the incubator in which case the conversation changes a little. If the eggs are only separated by a day, I would just wait for the first pip and raise humidity just like normal.
Yes, not a good choice what should I do?
Well, IMHO you dont have much of a choice but to goose the humidity for lock down maybe to the mid 60's. If you can separate the new eggs somehow in the incubator when you prepare for lockdown this might help protect them from the marauding new hatchlings that are going to bash them around. How are you turning the new eggs? If you are doing this by hand, maybe put the 4 new ones into a section of egg carton through the hatch of the older eggs. As soon as you can get the babies out, drop the humidity significantly and get back to regular temp for the remaining 4 and take them out of the carton and return to auto turning if that is what you were using to begin with. Good Luck. Others will chime in I am sure. @WVduckchick what do you think?
x2 Oregonkat. Especially if you, OP, are at a lower elevation. You can get away with slightly lower humidity then because of the thicker air.

I imagine that you could also just use slightly lower lockdown humidity, and change it after the first batch have all hatched to be slightly lower than average (maybe 30%) using a rice bag or something until the air cells are back on track.

Good luck!

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