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Hello FFF's (Fellow Forum Friends)

I happend to stumble upon this not too long ago while searching for incubators.

seems like a program to help you keep track of hatches and stuff. Just wanted to ask around to see if anyone used it here yet and if so, how is it? Its not bad in price at all but I wouldn't want to buy a program that ONLY keeps track like just a log-book, otherwise Excel can already do the job if you set it up right.

I was hoping that it could REMIND you when to stop turning eggs, when its nearing hatch date, etc when you turn on your computer / laptop.

If this is not that complex, may someone please suggest another "hatching program or software" that CAN do that?

That will help clear my calender from markings and saves me a lot of time with keeping track of whats hatching and whatnot.



- Tommy
I was hoping that it could REMIND you when to stop turning eggs, when its nearing hatch date, etc when you turn on your computer / laptop.

honestly, such program can be made easily using free open source programming tool. but, the problem is how if user don't frequently open their laptop, you can't just force the laptop to turn on automatically when it's the time to remind you because that will be danger if the laptop is inside bag on travel or near hazardous area, and more problem if live in power outage country, even laptop battery can't survive long time power outages and it's too expensive to apply computer technology to home-use only bator, the cost can't meet with the benefit although we know this is a hobby but for me i can't afford many money to do it.
Hummmm....ok...but can you point me in the direction of "such" program?
Its not like its FORCED to turn on to tell you like an alarm...but just like a notice. People nowadays use the computer at least once a day, rather if its a laptop or desktop...

- Tommy
I use my Outlook calendar to mark when I'm supposed to stop turning eggs. A regular schedule helps when you're doing a lot of eggs each year. I have excel tracking sheets for individual hatches, but then I went to a dry-erase "year at a glance" calendar to keep track... worked ok for the 4-5 different breeds I had to keep track of.
I don't know that I'd pay for something like that unless I was doing THOUSANDS of eggs each week.
i'm sorry tommy but i don't have such program.

that program must be build first. but i think maybe some people have built program like that.

if you want to have such program that could give you notice only when you turn on your pc, simply use sticky note or some program like that.

i suggest you to open search on it for reminder or something, or if you want to use some program tory's use like outlook to remind you, simply use free one, outlook need license to pay, just use mozilla thunderbird, free open source program, act as email client and appointment maker and many and many.

no $ to spend on, free, easy, complete, open source program, as i know everyone love free stuff (include me
With any program, whether it's writing it on a calendar or using a computer program, you have to be diligent about noting when you set the eggs and when to stop turning them.
This is what works for me. I set eggs on the same day each week for each breed, so that everyone is hatching at relatively the same time. It gets a little trickier with all the different incubation times, but it can be done.
I use this simple excel spreadsheet to help me with the dates, instead of sitting there counting out days.

I change the date in yellow to the first set date (Tuesdays) and all the others are automatically calculated. I then print the sheet, and write in how many eggs I set. (I have a separate sheet just for chicken eggs, but it can be easily incorporated into this sheet.)

I keep these sheets in a file, and pull the one that is the current hatch. I set the eggs the same days of the week, so that I know on Wednesdays I need to stop turning eggs. I don't have to worry about whether I had any that were due to stop turning on any other days of the week. I also have recurring reminders on my Outlook calendar... every Tuesday a note pops up to "set pheasant eggs"... Wednesdays a note to "set BW, Chukar and chicken eggs"... etc. It's easier with fewer species. LOL!

I also mark each egg with the set date in a circle, and keep them clumped together so that I can find them easily. I had two cabinet incubators and a Hovabator going at once, and remembering which incubator the eggs were in was hard, especially when you have tray after tray of quail eggs.

A large dry-erase Year-at-a-Glance calendar, or two month-at-a-glance, pinned to the wall works great, too, but the key is remembering to write in what you set and when to stop turning. Otherwise you have chicks hatching in the turner, like I did! LOL!

So, what exactly are you setting, and how often. Maybe we can come up with something that works for you that's fairly simple to remember.

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