Incubator is full - Black/Blue/Splash and Mottled Orpingtons, Silkies/Frizzle, Sebrights, turkey

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    Jan 1, 2016
    Incubator is full so I am offering hatching eggs (I do not yet have NPIP Certification so local pick up 44662 or ship within Ohio only)

    Large Fowl English/UK Mottled/Spangled Orpington - $13 for 6 eggs (chicks are $15/ea, discount for multiples)
    Large Fowl English/UK Black/Blue/Splash Orpington - $13 for 6 eggs (chicks are $15/ea, discount for multiples)
    Assorted LF English/UK Orpington (Mottled/Spangled and Black/Blue/Splash) - $25/dozen
    Bantam Silkie possible Frizzle assorted colors (have Silkie roos over 2 Silkie hens and 1 Frizzle hen) - $8 for 6 eggs (chicks are $8 ea)
    Bantam Golden Sebright - $8 for 6 eggs (chicks are $8 ea)
    Turkey Mixed Heritage Flock of Blue Slates and Eastern Wilds so eggs could produce Slate Blues, Eastern Wilds, or a mix $24/dozen

    For chickens, each variety has 1 roo over only 2 to 4 hens, for turkeys I have 3 Toms over 6 hens and my fertility rate has been 100% on all eggs (hatch rate will vary based on your incubator and/or hatching techniques)
    Eggs are collected twice daily, kept in cool basement point side down, and turned 3-4 times daily to maintain freshness/moisture. My hatch % in my Sportsman has been above 90%.

    Photos are of chicks hatched out recently and also parent stock

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