Incubator smell during hatch

So it is not normal during hatch. But what about after hatch?

Just got done with my first hatch and after a few of my chicks hatched I noticed it was getting a little stinky inside the incubator, but being a newbie I thought that it must be normal. By the time my chicks were dry the incubator stunk the whole room up. I had 4 eggs that didn't hatch, but I never opened them up to see what happened inside.
It doesn't smell like rot. It smells kinda like warm chicken poop. I think it must be normal but strong because I'm having a three day hatch. Woke up this am to three more out and two more zipped.
Once you go into lockdown, the bator stinks. It smells like afterbirth, mildew, blood, and poo.

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