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    I think I read, way back, way back when, about higher incubator temps leading to more roos hatching. I made some adjustments on my last hatch and it's way early to tell (I'm praying for at least 2 to be pullets!) but my hatch rates had previously been poor (shipped eggs) and I have a whole lot of little boys...

    Just wondering if this was a fact or a theory.
  2. Hi!
    I don't think it works that way for chickens.
    I think the hen gives the embryo it's 'gender' and it's decided before incubation.

    I've read that female embryos are more fragile and more likely to perish during incubation and some pairings may produce more of one gender than the other.
    And that some hens seem to make more of one gender at a particular point in the season (spring vs summer / fall).

    Here, it balances out, leaning a little toward more males.

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    Incubator temps can affect the gender of some reptiles but not chickens. Chickens sex is determined before the egg is laid.

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