Incubator VS Broody (Success Pics)

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    We bought an incubator and 2 batches of eggs. 1 batch of silkie eggs, we put into the incubator and 1 batch of Cochin eggs, we put under our resident broody. She had been broody for a month before we had any eggs, so we figured, we might as well let her hatch some and see how things so. Today, they all hatched at the same time, since last night, when we heard chirping sounds coming from the incubator and under the broody.

    As it turns out, 4 silkies out of 16 hatched in the incubator today, despite the fact that we had a power outage, so these are our miracle babies.
    Here are 2 of them. They were still wet in the incubator.

    Our broody was also successful since this is her very first batch and hatching experience.
    We placed all the silkies under her as well, so they she can fluff them up good and teach them how to eat. We have the brooder set up in our living room so everyone stays warm and safe.

    As usual, our Airedales were on hand to welcome the day old chicks and the broody. Everyone was calm, feeling safe and happy, and the introduction was a great success.

    The 3rd silkie in the hatch sequence. It has a greyish black body and a blonde head.

    Rummy looks on as I give love to the silkie. He is extremely cautious when there are young chicks around, he makes a conscious effort to move slowly, and make no sudden movements. I didn't teach him that, but he instinctively learned how to behave around new chicks.

    A blackish Large Fowl Cochin chick. Also 1 day old which my broody hatched.

    Another beautifully colored LF Cochin. Not sure what it is going to be when it is full sized. What color will it be? This is another exciting part about raising chicks, its the wait and the anticipation for how they will turn out when they are grown.

    An easter egger which was sent as an extra egg in the order. I didn't order any EEs but the breeder sent me some eggs of this, and it turned out to be a beautiful chick, with cleopatra eyeliner so we're calling it cleo for now. Cleo was perching on Kimi's back, the thick fur gives warmth and cushioning and the chicks seem to love perching on the dogs' backs.

    Blonde silkie chick. It was one of the 1st 2 to hatch from the incubator. It is so cute. I hope it turns out to be white.

    The 4th and last silkie to hatch. It is greyish black, so I think its going to be a blue silkie full grown. Because it is the most recent hatched, it is slower in motor coordination and sleeps a lot more.

    Cleo with gro gel. All the chicks love that stuff, and I think it is wonderful they are already eating and drinking even though they are newly hatched. The vitamins and enzymes will aid digestion and healthy chick development. Stronger chicks will result.

    2 of the LF cochin chicks and surrogate momma broody, a buff Orp. She's such a natural. Amazing to watch how she just knows how to show them what to eat.

    A LF black cochin. Someday, this chick is going to be larger than the surrogate broody.

    A broody doing her job... "here, eat this, drink that"

    Cochin eating chick crumbles we sprinkled onto gro gel.

    All in all, it was a success story. 4 chicks incubator, 4 chicks broody... Cool. We are just over the moon, ooing and aahing over the chicks. Even the dogs are thrilled.

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    aww so cute & good idea to give them all to mama..
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    I have a great silkiebator very reliable and the powewr never goes out.
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    what a wonderful story to wake up to with a cup o' coffee! CUTE and SWEET!

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    Oct 4, 2010
    [​IMG] They're all so cute!! I can't wait to hatch! [​IMG]
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    how sweet!! [​IMG] I cant wait to hatch our own babies in middle of January next year!!!!!!!!! (just weeks from now)!!

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