Independence Missouri CAN have roosters!?

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    When I called the office I was told roosters weren't allowed because they are loud. Have a good day and goodbye (pretty much is how the conversation went).

    Well, I decided to dig a little deeper than a phone call.

    I don't see anywhere in the city ordinance where it says I cannot have roosters? There are even publications from other people who live in Independence, Missouri city limits who DO have roosters - some of them have several!

    Here's one example:

    Here's the ordinance: (the only one I could find anyway)

    the only thing I can find regarding roosters is noise disturbances.

    So technically, from what I am reading - I CAN have roosters as long as they are not a disturbance to my neighbors, correct? Couldn't I walk around and speak with my neighbors (there are 5 total) and ask them if they would be open to us having a rooster in our yard?
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    Read Section 4500 (very first words in the entire document) and you'll see that what you're quoting applies to UNINCORPORATED AREAS of Jackson County. If you live within Independence city limits, none of that applies to you. If you go to Independence's website, click on city government then on city codes, and look in Chapter 3 . You'll find the applicable laws there. Yep, what your neighbors think is IMPORTANT because they would be the ones to turn you in, not TOO much chance of Animal Control just driving by and happening to hear your rooster and then actually locating it. I don't have roosters, but do have more hens than I'm supposed to... I give away plenty of eggs to neighbors to "buy" their cooperation in the matter.
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    LOL at your "buy cooperation" [​IMG]

    Thank you very much for the link. There's a set of city ordinances I found via another forum member about a month ago, but they were 3 years old and I couldn't find anything recent.

    And yes, I see the part that says "no roosters" (thank you for that) =) ...but it's only showing it in the "6 hens" purpose - none of the others say that (the 10 or 20). [​IMG]

    Oh well..poopy on it, I guess we'll just deal with no rooster.
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    I am over the legal limit on hens and they are NOISY. The Black Copper Marans are loud and honk almost like geese, they even PO me sometimes cause they'll just start honking for NO reason, and can keep it up for hours. I'm trying to sell the worst troublemaker now. The rest of my girls are very quiet. I was surprised to notice when walking the dog the other day that another of my neighbors has chickens as well, hers are very quiet too and I had never noticed them.

    Independence has so many rules and regulations that I'm surprised we're allowed to go to the bathroom by ourselves without a permit. [​IMG]
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    Ditto to that!! =/ I do understand the 'no roosters', because they are extremely noisy. I just don't understand the whole "no roosters if you have less than 6 hens" but it doesn't say you can't have them if you have more than that. So confusing. lol!

    I think we'll just play it safe and not have any here in our yard. We do have friends outside of town that already said they'd house our roosters for us and we'll have "visits" with the hens there...but it sure would have been nice to have them. I was even going to bring them inside at night & not let them out til later in the morning (like the Independence citizen in that article I posted).

    However - it's just more trouble (and worry) than it's worth...just going to stick to the original plan.=)
  6. No Roosters?! Darn it! Oh well. Whats the limit again? I seen 20 but want to make double sure?
  7. Sheryl Crow

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    Mar 5, 2014
    Hey, just need a little help.
    Wondering what the rules in Independence were in regards to where to put your coop.
    I have found different answers online anywhere from 50 feet to 100 feet away from neighbors
    dwellings. Which is correct? Only talking 6 hens if that makes a difference.
    Thanks for the help
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  8. Staley

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    May 7, 2014
    Up to six (6) chicken
    hens (no roosters), for
    purposes only

    Kept in a fenced
    enclosure, coop or

    Setback from
    property line 6ft

    Setback from
    other residence 50ft

    If you have 7 to 20 hens it has to be 100 ft from other residence

    I hope that helps

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