Indestructable Honda!!!


8 Years
Apr 29, 2011
East Tennessee
Well, I went muddin today and we all decided to go to a place called the sand cave. It's an enormous limestone rock with water falling off into a huge hole and the whole place is full of sand. One four wheeler's brakes went out, and it happened to be the small one... It's a really rough ride down the hill to the place, and it was a really long ride too. So, I put it in first and took it down. Got down fine, but almost lost it twice. So on the way back up I get stuck on a rock, I finally get the little thing over and it dies on me... Well I start rolling down the hill backwards, the back wheel fell in a rut and threw me off and the off The four wheeler died because I accidentally hit the choke, but then it flipped twice. I hop back on and realize that if it would have gone a foot to the right I would have flipped right into a huge rock... The reason it didn't is because it hit the first rock and didn't go to a side, it went over it, I couldn't beleive it went over, I thought it would have tore it to pieces, but it kept going... It started right back up and ran fine after flipping down a hill. I couldn't believe it. Then I rode it wide open for an hour and it was fine... These things sure are tough, thank you Honda... Oh, the reason the brakes were out is because we never changed the pads...

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