Indian Runner Duck Questions: Chickens, Ticks, Water and general care

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by patrickj, Jul 31, 2013.

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    Feb 18, 2011
    I have six girl Cochens and One Rooster. I am thinking of six female runner ducks for eating ticks. We have a big issue these days in Central Texas. Good plan? Also, do you think they will get along with the Cochen's and vise versa? and we have a creek 30 yards from coop...will that work for their water needs? Will they poop up the creek? Appreciate suggestions. And the eggs are yummy I hear? thank you.
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    My runners are great for insect control, they are always scavenging for bugs/worms. I myself dont have any chickens but I do have muscovys and turkeys and the runners seem to prefer to be with their own kind and very few altercations happen between them as long as they have enough space. With the creek I would say as long as it deep enough for them to splash around in it and to clean their heads it should be fine. If the creek is mostly still they might poop it up, but if it flows every so often you might not have a problem. But mine do love to drill their bills into mud, which causes a mess [​IMG] but other wise they are great little bug vacuums.

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