Indian runner ducks (high standard) wanted Europe buy or trade.

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    Jun 12, 2018
    The Netherlands
    Is anyone from Europe, UK (Somewhere between London, Canterbury, Brighton, it has to be reachable by car with at most one night on a camping/Airbnb so further is also ok) Or somewhere ranging from Portugal to Italy to Czech to Poland (again, somewhere in Europe with at most one overnight in the middle) going to have high quality, good breedings standard Indian runner ducks in the colours;
    All unbibbed.
    Ducklings Or a reálly good Blue male, black and/or silver/splash adult female duck.

    We can pay offcourse (duh), but since we are making the travel anyway we can also bring ducks or fertile eggs (except to UK due to rules) from the Netherlands or Belgium or other countries (we are planning to get ducks from 3 countries because of too much the same blood in the Netherlands) we visit before and play a little duck-taxi. We don't have our own nests this year. So it will only be taxi-service on ducks you make an agreement on with other sellers, since we are making the trip anyway with a car adjusted for duck-travel; we can help a fellow breeder out a bit.

    Two night overstay is also possible, if campings are nearbye, and depending on the age of the duck(lings). We are planning to change the whole interior of the car to make the trip as comfortable as possible for the duck(lings), but the less travel the better for their stress-levels. New-borns will probably sleep the whole ride through under de heating-system, two or more adults are stronger and have each other, but an adult alone or some older ducklings rather not a 2 day trip. It depends a bit on factors like how much your ducks are used to travel and the quality of roads, etc. etc. etc.


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