Indian Runner Ducks


In the Brooder
5 Years
Aug 6, 2014
Gilmanton NH
i am thinking about getting a couple year old Indian runner ducks.
How long/until what age do they lay, do they slow down around 2 years like chickens?
Do they generally lay through winter?
Do they need a pond or other area to swim?


10 Years
Aug 31, 2009
My runner girl is about 5 and she's still laying daily during the season. She does not lay through the winter but that is because I don't have them under lights. I think their bodies need to rest during the cold weather, that takes enough out of them, so I don't want their systems taxed by laying also. It was getting cold here, so they have started to slow down.
Mine have a pool and both my runner hen and drake love to swim in it. They will also climb into the flat pans I have to bathe. So, yes, I think they do need at least a decent size pool to bathe and float in.
I advise getting them! They are just a riot. They are a rather skittish breed, but have great personalities and are just so fun and funny to watch. I love mine.

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