Indian Runner/Pekin Cross Ducklings for sale in South San Diego, CA!

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  1. reaver

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    Dec 30, 2009
    San Diego
    Indian Runner/Pekin mix ducklings for sale. First hatchling was born yesterday, others will hatch over the next couple days. They are most likely all going to come out black with some yellow on their chests (as the 3 that have hatched so far are all that way).

    They will be available for pickup on Monday August 8th, 2011. YOU MUST BUY AT LAST 2!!! We will not sell single ducklings. This is to ensure that they have another critter their age to hang with.

    Not for food...PETS ONLY! We will want to keep in touch with the babies, and you will be required to fill out an adoption contract stating that if you no longer want to keep/can not keep the animals that they must be offered back to us first, before trying to rehome them elsewhere. We love our animals, we want them to find good loving families!
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    Aug 6, 2011
    I was just perusing around And came upon this post.
    I am not trying to come off sounding mean, rude or annoying but i just thought i should tell you..
    And im not positive about how it is in CA but the contract you mentioned would not be legally binding in my state. Also people could tell you they were going to take them as pets and then butcher them and there would be no legal action you could take where-as at that point they would be the other persons property and falling into a livestock category animal. Also they wouldn't need to let you keep in touch with them.

    i thought you should know this. again sorry for any intrusion on your post. I just thought it best for you to know.

    P.S. You could however write up a contract saying you are renting them to them for an indefinite amount of time. and that way they would still be your property only under some one else's care.

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