Indian runner vomiting and diarrhoea 3weeks old help!

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  1. krazykingdon

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    Aug 25, 2016
    Hi everyone wondered if any of you can give any advice on this. I'm new to all of this, this is our first hatchling and was the only egg of 6 to hatch. He started sneezing on and off a good week back but nothing else over the past 2days he's had on/off diarrhoea in which we replaced veg with dry food again. Last night he began vomiting. Partner has read up black treacle should help in which we've put in place with 2x water and dry food.
    Usually has a great appitite been eating lots of veg and chick crumb. However do struggle on dry food without it a bit damp always remove and clean food tray as soon as finished eating. Spoilt as hell.
    Worried sick as you do any suggestions please?
    Many thank you x
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    Have you been giving grit with the veggies? At 3 weeks old it's best to not overdo the treats and let him concentrate on eating the starter food... wetting it is good for a little one that has a hard time with it dry...

    I don't know what would cause the vomiting and diarrhea though... just diarrhea I might think cocci, but vomiting too... anything he could have gotten into and ate that he shouldn't have?

    @Miss Lydia

    Any thoughts?
  3. krazykingdon

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    Aug 25, 2016
    No I haven't so that's on the list to do (THANKYOU!) unfortunately I'm at work, but guys at home has said the on/off loose stools have stopped and no more bringing water or gunk up (I never noticed anything when I left for work either) he could have, but he's always supervised whilst out of his pen. And we're forever prying stuff from his beak! (Very comical)
    We have been dampening the food (and grinding it down when dry) but I've also read conflicting information saying he could get mould spores from this too (hands on head) thankyou for your help though :D I'll be putting some grit in tonight!
    Thanks for your help :)
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    About a teaspoon of grit per 6 inch diameter plate of food once daily is what I gave my Runner babies.

    I have found that as long as there is good ventilation and that anything not eaten within 12 to 24 hours is removed, we had no mould problems.

    You say you remove and clean the food tray when he is finished eating...hmmm... does that mean the duckling does not have food with water 24/7? That may be part of it. At that age, they need 24/7 food with water. Otherwise when they get food, they engorge, and can often eat till they throw up.

    So, in case that's what's going on, leave the moistened food and water in the brooder at all times (except for when you're cleaning it out).

    Please take a look at the first post on this thread - it's a good summary -
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