Indiana 2010 Chickenstock-2011 NEWS!!

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    Chickenstock 2010!
    Saturday, August 7th, 2010!! This is an all day event. Last year we had some people that showed up around 7:30 am and People started leaving around 5 pm or so. Please plan to be here early if you are selling birds. And for those shopping for birds, the earlier you are here the more birds there will be to choose from.
    This year, I think things will go much smoother since we have 2009 under our belts.
    This could very well be the biggest Chickenstock in the country, make sure you get signed up!

    Please be sure to post things you will be bringing, selling, swapping, donating, etc so the main page can get updated. I think this will make it easier since people won't have to read through the entire thread to see what will be here. Last years thread was quite large![/i]
    Rob will be shuttleing everyone's stuff back to the woods with his little tractor and pbirdhaven's 4x6 trailor if you need help. Just pull into the field and park and Rob should be able to meet you at your vehicle to load up, Just notify the parking attendants or flag Rob down. We are doing this because of limited accessability to the woods and our driveway is very narrow.

    -Hog Roast-
    Hays and Sons Complete Restoration has graciously donated a hog and one of my co-workers is letting us use his hog roaster

    Nifty has offered the use of the BYC Banner!!! [​IMG] I would like to thank him for BYC's generosity!

    Everyone keep in mind this will be a family event and a great way to meet fellow chicken addicts!

    Please feel free to bring eggs, chickens, ducks, rabbits, plants, seeds or anything else you would like to swap, sell or donate!

    I would like to be able to serve the main menu food by 2pm, drinks and snacks will be available all day.

    Swap/sale/free items
    If you are bringing swap or donation items, I would like you to be here as early as possible so that we can get those setup for everyone to see.

    Please bring lawnchairs for you and your family, I have a lot of tables just not many chairs!

    Games, Contests and Activities to be announced
    If you would like to host a contest, please PM me what contest it is and what time you would like to have it, who will be involved and if a prize will be donated.
    Greatest distance traveled challenge

    Raffle Tickets can be purchased at the raffle table
    $1.00 per ticket
    $5.00 for 6
    $20.00 for 25
    Each item will have a container for tickets, tickets will be purchased and will be placed in the container specific to that item. When it is time to announce the winner of that particular item, one ticket will be pulled from the container and the winner will be announced. You must be present to win or have someone stand in for you but they MUST have your ticket in hand. If after 3 announcements of the winner and no one steps forward, a new winner will be announced following the same format. We will try to have the drawing between 3 and 4pm.

    I have started compiling prizes/raffle items. This is not a complete listing!
    Chicken Hamper-Schultz
    Chicken Saddle/Apron-small-Schultz
    Chicken Saddle/Apron-Large-Schultz
    Chicken Clock-Schultz
    2 Chicken rugs-Schultz
    2 Chicken Statues-Schultz
    1964 Inarco Egg Vase-Schultz
    Awesomely Unique Waterer-Egg_Newton
    rug and dish towl -Little Ameraucana Mom
    Matching chicken hand towels and salt & pepper shakers-Schultz
    1 Rooster Table Cloth-Fr. Chuck
    1 Set of burner covers, rooster design for an electric stove-Fr. Chuck
    1 Set of Rooster Canisters-Fr. Chuck
    1 Set of Rooster Salt & Pepper shakers-Fr. Chuck
    1 Rooster Soap Dispenser-Fr. Chuck
    1 Rooster Paper Towel holder-Fr. Chuck
    Rooster Dish Towels and Potholders-Fr. Chuck
    Several Childrens Toys-My Mom
    I-Pod Pillow (no I-Pod)-My Mom
    Quail Egg Cups for Incubator-CoopCrazy
    1 2010 Indiana Chickenstock t-shirt -bockbock2008
    as well as many suprises!

    Please keep in mind, some items will be for the raffle and some as prizes!

    I have decided that anyone wanting to bring a chicken related item will be either auctioned off or if we have several items, we will hold a silent auction. All proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society. Monetary donations welcome.

    I encourage everyone to bring a camera if you can. I will have mine and plan on taking a lot of photos. We will also have nametags so we can put a face with a name. We will have a guest sign-in area so please stop there first!

    Anyone wishing to camp will have access to our restrooms and kitchen! We have 4 acres which is mostly wooded and ideal for camping. There are firepits and plenty of wood. Rob can run electricity if needed. Make sure you PM me so I know how many to expect or if you have questions.

    1.) pbirdhaven
    2.)Carole AM
    4.) emvickrey

    As a safety and bio-security measure, all animals must be in cages! We will provide ground covering to make sure everyone is safe. Dogs that you wish to swap are welcome but please make sure someone is interested first. All animals will have a shaded area and access to water, make sure to bring food and waterers for your pets. You may also want to make sure, in advance, your animals are free of lice and mites. For those looking to take animals home, please make sure you are prepared. Hand sanitizer will be readily available to those inspecting animals.

    Depending on the number of people attending, I may need help with organization, feel free to PM me if you would like to volunteer and thanks!!
    Here are a few areas we need help with
    Parking-We need a few guys to voulunteer to help Rob get folks parked. It will only be for one hour per person until the traffic dies down.
    Sign In Booth-We need a few volunteers to take turns at the sign in table to get folks signed in, give them a nametag and direct them to the festivities.
    Secondary Grill-We need 1 or 2 people to volunteer to cook items on the secondary grill.
    Food Organizer-We need 1 maybe 2 people to volunteer in directing folks where to put food, drins and paper goods.
    Pinata Organizer-I need 1 person to volunteer to gather the children for the pinata and allow each child 1 swing until the pinata is toast!
    Clean up-Any volunteers for clean up will be accepted and greatly appreciated. Many hands make light work and last year went great!!Videos-I will need 1 maybe 2 volunteers to keep a few videos going throughout the day.

    Keep in mind, you won't miss a thing by volunteering and it will help us out a great deal.

    Chickenstock, for us, requires a lot of work and planning, there is a lot that goes on that no one sees or knows about. I don't want to sould like we do it all, that is impossible but we want to make sure we can enjoy the day just as much as you!

    Parking will be in the lot next door! I know I said not to park there but we have resolved all issues with the neighbor and they graciously insisted that we use their lot for parking! We will have signs up and an event organizer assisting with parking. If you would also like to set up a tent or booth to sell items, please feel free to do so. PM me if you have questions. Anyone needing to drop off items, birds or people, please pull into our driveway for unloading only and park your vehicle as soon as your vehicle is unloaded.

    I know there are quite a few dog enthusiasts out there that want to bring along their pets but I have come to the decision that it may not be best for the meetup. I am sure you all have nice friendly dogs but things happen and I would hate that it could have been prevented so I ask that you please not bring your pet dogs. This is not only for your dogs protection but for the protection of the other guests livestock. Also, everyone who brings livestock must have them in cages at all times unless your animal is being inspected. I hope you all understand that this is not a personal decision but it is a decision that would be best for everyone. I hope this doesn't keep anyone from attending, that is not my intent. I just want to have a good time and focus on our chickens!! Feel free to PM me if you have any further questions!

    Map and Driving Directions,-86.257567&spn=0.007777,0.013497&z=16

    Special Guests
    1. The Chicken Limo
    2. Dr. Beth Breitweiser and Staff of All Wild Things Exotic Animal Hospital

    Tentative Guest List:

    Schultz-2-1 gigantic hog
    hotdogs, buns and all the fixins
    Homemade cheeseball
    large bowl if snack mix
    BBQ pilled pork & chicken-not mixed together
    Baked beans
    I hope to have enough tomatoes to slice several
    Blackout Cake
    Rob's Dad & lady friend Judy-2-Fruit tray
    FrChuckW-Pasta Salad
    pbirdhaven-several 2-liter sodas, cups, and party mix
    Carole AM-3
    babymakes6-6- Strawbrerry Cake & ice tea-YUM!!!
    Egg_newton-2-Gooseberry Pie
    beckt-3-2 Sour Cream Rhubarb Pies
    bluebird-2-Macaroni Salad & Bottled Water
    Little Ameraucana Mom -drinks
    Sebrightmom -drinks
    Chicken China Mom-4 -Snickerdoodle cookies
    Terry Pedro-2
    Lunawriter-3 -Honey rice cereal treats and stuffed breadsticks
    greencastle_ducks- 3
    Shelleyd2008-3-Salad & Deviled Quail Eggs- YUM!!
    bockbock2008-3 -brocoli and cauliflower salad
    PhoenixFeatherFarms-3 -coleslaw
    macnugget-5-buffalo chicken dip
    7cutechix 1-3
    cafe 3-7
    augustmomx2- 1-2 -baked potato salad and salsa w/chips
    Chickycat-3-Tortilla chips & salsa and big pot of beans and rice
    birdsNbeesNseeds-Chips & Crackers
    IonaFarm- 2
    Rick, Melanie & Hannah
    Horsegeek101- veggie & fruit tray
    NavaJo- 3 -potato salad
    calicokat- pasta salad
    Indychick-5 blueberry crumb bars

    Many thanks to Judy for compiling this list for us!

    Tentative list of birds/eggs/items people will be bringing or have available for sale:
    Cheesads: Turkeys
    Possibly ducklings, mixed breed chicks, guineas, mini rex bunnies
    See Post #641
    Shelley2008: Coturnix quail
    BeckT’s friend Peggy: pair of ringneck doves, trio of Seramas
    ChickyCat: gold laced Wyandotte roo
    • Ameraucanas:
    1 Splash cockerel - $6
    2 Splash pullets - $8ea
    1 Black pullet - $8
    • Rhode Island Red:
    1 Rooster - $3
    • Cuckoo Marans
    1 Feather Legged Hen - on hold
    • Orpington (all are approx 4-5months old)
    2 Buff Pullets - $10ea
    Might be able to be talked out of my B/B/S flock - 3 black pullets, 1 blue pullet, 1 splash pullet, and 1 splash cockerel. If I were to sell them they would have to go as a flock I will not separate.
    • Ameraucana
    1 Lavender Split cockerel - $5
    • Belgian Quail D'Anver:
    1 pullet - on hold
    • Mille Fleur D'uccles:
    2 cockerels - $5ea
    1 Rooster - on hold
    • Old English Game Bantams:
    7 cockerels in different colors - $5ea
    • Easter Eggers
    1 White Wheaten looking Rooster - Free
    2 Black Roosters - $5ea
    2 Blue cockerels - $5ea
    • CHICKS (prices are listed for age they will be come chickenstock.. if bought before
    chickenstock they will be priced for their age at that time)
    ~ Hatch dates 6/25 to 6/26
    Lavender Split Orpingtons from BYC member scbatz33 stock - all on hold
    Lavender/Buff Split Bantam Cochins - $5ea
    Buff Orpingtons - $6ea
    ~ Hatch dates 7/5 - 7/7
    Lavender/Buff Split Bantam Cochins - $4ea
    Buff Orpingtons - $5ea
    LF B/B/S Ameraucanas from BYC member Heidi stock - $5ea
    White Orpingtons - $6ea
    ~ Hatch dates 7/11 - 7/13
    Lavender/Buff Split Bantam Cochins - $3ea
    Buff Orpingtons - $4ea
    oegb pullet-for Phoenix Feather Farms
    Black orpington roo (he will be about 7 months old)
    Cuckoo Maran cockerel ( 3 months)
    Cuckoo Maran pullet (3months)
    two silkie mixes (one I'm pretty sure is a boy the other I think may be a girl)
    White silkie (beardless)
    5# bags of DE for $5
    1 gallon nipple waterer $10
    5 gallon for $20
    Pbirdhaven: Black copper Marans, EE’s, silkies
    Possibly guineas, gold-laced Polish chicks
    Mix of oeg hen and a silver phoenix roo chicks 10 available
    2 Polish mixes, 5 guinea keets, and 2010 CHICKENSTOCK T-SHIRTS!
    RIR rooster, or even a Leghorn roo
    Possibly BBS Sweedish Duck hatching eggs
    3 Buff Minorca hens
    a pair of blue fawn Call ducks
    Bantam Cochins- pullets and cockerels. Limited number of pullets
    White Silkie chicks- Unsexed chicks 6 are on hold. 3 to 4 left
    Cochin/Silkie mixed chicks- Mostly unsexed, though I can guess on a few of them
    Speckled Sussex- Pullets and cockerels. At POL
    Speckled Sussex/Welsummer mixed- cockerels only, look like Welsummer roos. Beautiful boys
    Marans mixed- cockerels only
    Pure BCM's- Pullets (limited number) and cockerels. One pullet is POL
    Blue Marans- Pullet and cockerel
    Bantam Cochin/Buff Orpington mixes- Pullets and cockerels
    Quail Antwerp- Cockerel. He has a fabulous personality, but keeps wandering my neighbor's yard, so my baby boy has to go
    Silkie rooster- On hold
    Silkie/Dark Brahma- Unsexed chick
    Blue Copper Maran- Not positive, but think it's a cockerel. It's beautiful
    Showgirls- On hold
    Little Ameraucana Mom
    Silkie Chicks and lav. Bantam Americana's
    Millie Fleur Rooster $25.00
    2 Red Cochin Bantam Roos.. Free
    1 Blue/ black Splash Orpington Roo ( I think atleast)... Free
    Spoken For :
    1 Red Frizzle Cochin Roo- PhoenixFeathersFarm
    Coturnix Group 1male 3Females- emvickery(Tentative)
    Quail Egg Cartons- Attack Chicken
    White Crested Blue Polish Roo
    2 White Crested Cukoo Polish Roos
    Carole AM
    4-5 American game hens, maybe some silkies, and Alpaca fiber
    13 ducklings from my silver cayuga drake from my black and blue Cayuga hens and my chocolate runner hens. Some of the
    ducklings are pure cayuga. All are blue except one silver. I am also bringing several lavender split olive egger and lavender split
    Ameraucana cockerels.
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    [​IMG] Count me in for this year's Chickenstock! I'll bring my pasta salad again, and start working on the candy jars.

    If Shelley has her car fixed she can meet up with me in Louisville and we can go from there. If she doesn't have her car fixed by then, guess I'll just have to go down there and get her. Can't have her missing out on all the fun! [​IMG]

    I'll bring the three coolers again as well.
  3. Schultz

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    Aug 5, 2008
    [​IMG] Good to see you Father Chuck!!!! Can't wait to see you again! You are first on the list [​IMG]
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    Ah ain't got nuttin te say, jes wanna get my name on this thread so that it'll come up when I do a search under my name.
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    Oct 22, 2009
    What kinds of things do you do there? Is this like a swap? Where will it be? Do duck people come too?
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2010
  6. joebryant

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    Quote:BTW, Kathleen, if there's anything that you want me to do, let me know.
  7. Attack Chicken

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    Indianapolis, IN
    Count me in! I'll try to bring some kind of food but not sure what to bring yet LOL
  8. pbirdhaven

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    North Vernon IN
    Got it on my calendar! Let me know what you need me to do--you'll probably have a better idea as time goes by. Food is a given, so that will definitely be on my list. Last year I brought several 2-liter sodas, cups, and party mix; those seemed to go pretty well, so should I plan on that again?
  9. Schultz

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    Quote:BTW, Kathleen, if there's anything that you want me to do, let me know.

    Got you on the list Joe, can't wait to see you both again!

    As we get closer, I will be sure to start asking for help, thank you so much for the offer!
  10. Schultz

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    Quote:Got ya on the list!!

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