Indiana Feed and Supply


5 Years
Mar 8, 2014
Western PA
Is anyone in the Cambria or Indiana counties familiar with Indiana Feed & Supply? I called and ordered pullets from them specifically because my boyfriends dad spoke very highly and has had great experiences with them plus I love supporting more local folk- they usually are more personable and have better service than the bigger chain stores do.

I'm a first timer so when I called I wasn't sure what "lingo" to use. The older gentleman on the line was definitely not nice to me. I've called quite a few times since to check on the status of my order and each time isn't any better than the last. He told me originally when I called to make the order that as soon as he gets a bunch of orders from customers that they'll call in and make orders (he implied that it would be sooner than later). That was back in the end March. I inquired beginning of April and then he said not until May, quite rudely I might add. My patience got the best of me and I ended up going to TSC that day and getting a dozen of their chicks.

That was 5 weeks ago and I've had a great experience so far. I recently realized that I never called to cancel my original order. I think I'm going to just buckle down and still get the dozen more I ordered from Indiana Feed and Supply (The thought of having more chicks is exciting!). I'm just super bummed that I haven't been treated kindly, especially since I was nothing but respectful. It kind of makes me just want to cancel my order all together and not give them my business. It sucks because I've heard such great things about them.

Anyways, end vent. Just thought I'd see if anyone else has dealt with them and if they've been treated the same way.
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