Indiana-looking for turkey eggs & duck eggs-Want to trade??


10 Years
Feb 18, 2009
I am looking for Burbon Red , royal palm, or blue slate turkey eggs. I am also looking for blue sweedish & call duck eggs. Also might be interested in some more blue cochin bantam eggs also. I want to trade for them preferrably . We have an assorment of chicken eggs(buff O's, game, black star, polish, etc.) some might be pure some might not. They are all free range, they free range together until i get more fence up. i also have a coop with bantams they are the black and red bantams, i also have blue and mottled cochin bantams. You will get whatever lays. I also have a mallard pair. the hen is laying an egg every other day or so, also have a Rouen hen that is spitting and sputtering an egg here and there(this is her first year laying), i would be sending some of them when laid also. just let me know if there is anyone that would want to trade eggs!
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