Indiana Pick Up Only,meet 1/2 way ** Free Brown Star Rooster


Chicks Rule
11 Years
Dec 6, 2008
My husband & I would be willing to meet you half way! (With-in reasonable distance!) I am downsizing my roosters, I have too many and need to get rid of two. This is my favorite roo, Sheldon. He is a 6 month old Brown Star roo. He is a good protector, he is agressive to me. He would be good with a free range group of hens. I have domingue hens & one roo, that is why Sheldon has to go. Neither my husband nor I can kill him. If I don't find a new home for him, a friend will do the deed. I can process him, just not kill him! Wimp I am! When he gets agressive, I show him who's boss! He behaves for a while after that, but he watches for the chance to get me!

Here's his picture

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