Indiana & Surrounding BYC Meetup August 1st, 2009

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  1. Schultz

    Schultz CluckN'Crow Farm

    Aug 5, 2008
    Hello fellow BYC'ers!!

    After talking to fellow BYC member addiedunn and of course DH as well, we would like to host a BYC meetup at our home. If you are interested in coming, please post how many will be attending with you and a covered dish you would like to bring. If you are bringing anything to swap, sell or donate, I encourage you to post that as well so that others can see what will be available.
    This will be a pitch-in/pot-luck style family gathering and would also ask that everyone bring their own lawn chairs ( I have a lot of tables, just not a lot of chairs [​IMG] ). We have 4 acres and if anyone would like to camp over night, you are welcome to do so. We will be playing games, such as volleyball, cornhole and having an egg toss. (Any suggestions for additional games would be helpful) We have a pool but aren't sure it will be ready in time, I will keep you posted.

    Ok everyone, as promised, here is our schedule for the day. I hope this is ok for everyone, feel free to PM me with ideas or suggestions. Also, feel free to come early, mingle all day and there will be areas to haggle over chickens throughtout the entire day!

    Wake up until 10am-Setup
    10am-11am-Sign-in/Meet & Greet
    11am-12pm-Award for distance traveled and start raffles, guessing games and silent auction.
    12pm-1pm-Egg Toss, Egg Relay, Coin toss and other games for prizes
    1pm-3pm-Cook & Eat followed by BBQ Sauce Judging and award prize
    3pm-4pm-Chicken Pinata, Face Painting and Balloon Animals
    3pm-4pm-CornHole Competition and award prize
    5pm-Announce Winners of raffles & silent auction items.

    Saturday, August 1st, 2009 [​IMG]

    The menu isn't set in stone, please feel free to bring a dish of your choice as well, I just thought it was a good start!
    Pulled BBQ Pork-Kathleen's Mom
    Hotdogs & Buns-92Caddy
    Hamburger & Buns-augustmomx2
    Chicken Kabobs-Schultz
    Potato Salad-CoopCrazy
    Stuffed Jalapenos-addiedunn
    Baked Beans-sueg6255
    Pasta Salad- FrChuckW
    Fruit Salad- Awchickens
    Coleslaw-Kathleen's (Schultz) Mom
    Pickled Eggs-92Caddy
    Deviled Eggs-shelleyd2008
    Mango Grilled Chicken Salad-asylum11
    Chicken & noodles-beckt
    Broccoli Cheese Casserole-messmaker
    Cheesy hashbrown casserole-CoopCrazy
    Cheesecake-shelleyd2008 & chicken_china_mom
    Veggie Tray-HidingInTheHenHouse
    Buffalo Chicken Dip-Macnugget
    Zucchini Bread-Lunawriter-CoopCrazy
    Sweet Iced Tea-Schultz
    Cookie Salad-alamogirl
    Yummy Rice Pudding- Carole AM
    Various drinks & Waters-goobhen-CoopCrazy-augustmomx2-FrChuckW
    Paper products-Lunawriter justusnak

    ~Next to the guests will be post numbers if what they have or are bringing. Please see their post for details! Please PM me if I missed you~
    Special Guest
    [​IMG] Miss_Jayne [​IMG] Post 193

    Tentative guest list:
    addiedunn-4...Post 104
    Sueg6255...Post 53
    92Caddy-3...Post 18 & 25
    mwdh1...Post 184
    Attack Chicken...Post 41
    lildinkem...Post 31 & 110
    Carole AM...Post 40
    babymakes5...Post 56 & 264
    Indiana hens
    Little Ameraucana Mom
    ()relics...Post 204
    FrChuckW...Post 255 & 263
    shelleyd2008-2...Post 287 & 289 update post 904
    debakadeb-2 883 & 1042
    chknbrdr...Post 386
    joedie...Post 503
    Fred & Jacki Hicks-3
    Egg_newton ...Post #972
    HidingInTheHenHouse-6...Post #1049
    Luvin Life-2
    kE5ranch...Post 1220

    Everyone keep in mind this will be a family event and a great way to meet fellow chicken addicts!

    Please fell free to bring eggs, chickens, plants, seeds or anything else you would like to swap, sell or donate!
    My mom will be selling bags of fresh popcorn to benefit the American Cancer Society!

    Also, if you would like to participate in the BBQ sauce competition, please PM me and I will post it here!

    Nifty-Chicken has some possible prizes in store for us, check back for the announcement!

    I would like to be able to serve the main menu food by 2pm or 3 pm, drinks and snacks will be available all day.
    Swap/sale/free items
    If you are bringing swap or donation items, I would like you to be here as early as possible so that we can get those setup for everone to see.
    I will be announcing raffle prizes on the first page soon, make sure to check back! Our wonderful Nifty-Chicken has graciously offered some reall cool stuff and once I have all the details, I will let you all know!
    Young and Young at Heart
    Miss_Jayne will be offering face painting and balloon animals!!!!
    Please bring lawnchairs for you and your family, I have a lot of tables just not many chairs!
    Egg toss
    Best BBQ Sauce-Prize
    Greatest distance traveled challenge-Prize
    I have decided that anyone wanting to bring a chicken related item will be either auctioned off or if we have several items, we will hold a silent auction. [​IMG]
    I encourage everyone to bring a camera if you can. I will have mine and plan on taking a lot of photos. We will also have nametags so we can put a face with a name. We will have a guest sign-in area so please stop there first!
    Anyone wishing to camp will have access to our restrooms and kitchen! We have 4 acres which is mostly wooded and ideal for camping. There are firepits and plenty of wood. Rob can run electricity if needed. Make sure you PM me so I know how many to expect or if you have questions.
    As a safety and bio-security measure, all animals must be in cages! We will provide ground covering to make sure everyone is safe. Dogs that you wish to swap are welcome but please make sure someone is interested first. All animals will have a shaded area and access to water, make sure to bring food and waterers for your pets. You may also want to make sure, in advance, your animals are free of lice and mites. For those looking to take animals home, please make sure you are prepared. Hand sanitizer will be readily avaiable to those inspecting animals.
    Depending on the number of people attending, I may need help with organization, feel free to PM me if you would like to volunteer and thanks!!
    New Announcement
    I know there are quite a few dog enthusiasts out there that want to bring along their pets but I have come to the decision that it may not be best for the meetup. I am sure you all have nice friendly dogs but things happen and I would hate that it could have been prevented so I ask that you please not bring your pet dogs. This is not only for your dogs protection but for the protection of the other guests livestock. Also, everyone who brings livestock must have them in cages at all times unless your animal is being inspected. I hope you all understand that this is not a personal decision but it is a decision that would be best for everyone. I hope this doesn't keep anyone from attending, that is not my intent. I just want to have a good time and focus on our chickens!! Feel free to PM me if you have any further questions!

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  2. sueg6255

    sueg6255 Chillin' With My Peeps

    Apr 9, 2008
    LaGrange County
    Sounds great to me. Count me in.
  3. 92caddy

    92caddy Egg Lover

    May 18, 2007
    Portland, IN
    You may want to post your zip code so people will have or can get a better idea as to where you are.

    Things we have done in the past at our "chicken stocks" are:

    we've had chicken, plants and egg swaps/trade
    silent auctions
    50/50 drawings and donated the money to BYC
    gift exchange

    Just to name a few that I can think of right now.

    I would like to come, have to wait closer time to see how work is going and dealing with my parents estate.
  4. mwdh1

    mwdh1 Chillin' With My Peeps

    Mar 21, 2009
    I'm definitely up for it, I'm thinking maybe mid July or early August. I've read on here about some of the other successful meetups, and think this would be a great opportunity to put names with faces.
  5. 92caddy

    92caddy Egg Lover

    May 18, 2007
    Portland, IN
    We've had people from other states come also.

    I would suggest that you have people bring their own drinks and maybe get everyone to bring a covered dish. Thats what worked for us in the past.

    It was ALOT of fun to see people that Ive been emailing with for sooo long. Made some pretty good friends from the past ones.
  6. mener6896

    mener6896 Chillin' With My Peeps

    Apr 21, 2009
    Noblesville, IN
    sounds like fun! count me in! Where are you located?
  7. Schultz

    Schultz CluckN'Crow Farm

    Aug 5, 2008
    Great responses! Thanks everyone! My zipcode is 46221, I am just north of Camby. I was thinking mid-July or August as well!

    I will work on some of those ideas 92Caddy. Hope all goes well for you!
  8. Schultz

    Schultz CluckN'Crow Farm

    Aug 5, 2008
    And this is open to anyone that wants to come, you don't have to live in Indiana!

    I would like everyone to bring a covered dish if that's ok? If you don't want to cook, you can also bring napkins, paper plates, utensils. I will post on the first thread what everyone decides to bring so that we don't have duplicates! [​IMG]
  9. 92caddy

    92caddy Egg Lover

    May 18, 2007
    Portland, IN
    I pm'd you..........
  10. Schultz

    Schultz CluckN'Crow Farm

    Aug 5, 2008
    Got it thanks!
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