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    I live Indianapolis and herd you have to get signed permission from one side neighbor & the neighbor behind you, does any one know anything about the ordanaces I just moved from a town home and we bought a house and well I'm just itching to get a few hens [​IMG] idk were to go to turn in paper work or well anything thanxs guys
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    Did you ever get information on this? :eek:)
  3. okay, i know this is an old thread, but there are no chicken ordinances as far as permission from neighbors, etc... in Indianapolis. there are noise ordinances however, so i wouldn't recommend roosters. Also, housing has to conform to building codes, but I dont' think anyone gets busted for those unless they are building something big and obvious. You may have to watch easments and how close you build to property lines, etc..., but as far as chickens, you can have em and as many as you want.
    BUT, you should check if you live somewhere with a neighborhood organization to make sure that they don't have restrictions in your area's by-laws, etc... Thankfully, Little Flower has no such restrictions! hope that was helpful.
    oh, here's the link to what I was telling you about ON THIS SITE EVEN! lol
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