INDIGO EGG && Southland Silkies(threatening messages)

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    Mar 11, 2017
    I had a terrible MISUNDERSTANDING with Ms. Bobbi. Had to block her number over her texting me so much. Not a big deal. However, my issue really wasn't with her it was really about her giving my personal # out to her "best friend" Shawna Wilson @ southland silkies who took my number and began message me nonsense @ 10 o'clock at night, three hours after i had spoke with with Ms. Bobbi. The Shawna took my personal number an posted it on her Facebook along with the words "I'm going to physically assault you and stalk your house" mind you i live in a whole other state!!!!!! I unfortunately had to end up changing my number and contacted my attorney because i have received so many calls and text!!!! I'M 23 YEARS OLD AND I WANTED WAS TO BUY SOME DANG SILKIES CHICKENS FOR ME AND MY TWO YEAR OLD, I AM NEW TO THIS BREEDER WORLD NOT NEW TO THE BREED. I have now been blocked from buying silkies and this honestly hurts my feelings so bad, i can't by a chicken from no one because someone decided to harass me and put me on a do not sell to list. I just don't even know why another breeder got involved and i honestly can't believe this happened over a chicken. No one should be allowed to give your # out for their personal pleasure. That is privacy concerns and if someone is giving that out what else are they giving out. just keep that in mind. This is out of control

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