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    Oct 7, 2014
    It is close to the hatch date of my barnyard mix eggs, 9 of 12, and I am planing on ordering some nipple water from Amazon. What is the best type to get? And what are some ideas for small waters ,using the nipples, for the broader?
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    I swear by the horizontal nipples...this it the best price I've seen:!/Horizontal-Poultry-Nipples/p/35469347/category=0

    You can put them into many different small bottles to use in a brooder, but they must be firmly held in place somehow. It's hard to see but there's wire holding the bottle in place. You could also set them up on bricks to the right height and use small bungie cords or wire to tie them in place.


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    I had horizontal nipples out in the coop and when our broody hatched this single chick in October, I hung this waterer in the broody pen for them. I used an empty plastic powdered iced tea container with a horizontal nipple for him and mom. When Scout suffered frostbitten feet, he came in the house to live while being treated and the waterer came in with him. I would normally have hung it but because of the frostbite on his feet he didn't stand on them - he stood on his hocks. So this configuration worked best for him. When he finally went back out to the coop, there was no trasition period at all with the big waterer. He was already used to it. I prefer the horizontal ones as well....far less dripping.


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