Indoor Chook Advice?


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Jun 27, 2018
We have a hen who doesn't usually like being handled, but we discovered a large injury on her a couple days ago and the vet recommended she stay inside, away from flies and dirt. The whole time she's been such a sweetheart and hasn't been struggling or trying to get away. A tad unusual for her, but she's acting alert and eating and drinking. She especially likes water and will drink it whenever it's offered to her. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on how to keep her?
At the moment we have her in a dog crate lined with layers of paper towels, some scratch on the floor, a feeder, a water bowl, and some other bowls of water of egg or yogurt. She's far away from the hubbub of the house, and the vent provides some white noise, but otherwise it's a pretty boring and mind-numbing environment for her. I wondered if anyone had some good enrichment suggestions that would be good for the amount of space.

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