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    We've recently moved and I'm "allowed" to have chickens again.

    I have a garage, with a shed attached to it. There is a front and back door on the shed portion, and I was eye balling it for a coop. The back door would stay fullsized, with a pop door added for run access.

    Here's my question.

    If we build a structure within a structure, would that minimize the amount of bird dust getting into the shed itself and the garage? There's an open doorway from the shed to the garage. So I was thinking that building a chicken area with solid walls and a human door would reduce the dust factor. There is a screened window already in the back door. I wanted to add the pop door below that.

    That way the chickens would be contained to a specific area, totally predator proof in a proper building with a concrete floor. I believe we only have coons and opossums and my own dogs. I've seen some cats.

    So I'm thinking a triangle shaped roof to allow human access to the run to the full sized door. Angling down to a height of 4ft. Wire on all of it. I have picket fence pieces that aren't being used to run along the outside of it, reinforcing it further and adding "curb appeal" in front of framed out wire.

    There's some vines in the area that attract humming birds and such, and if I left it alone, it would grow into the run fencing. Should I let that happen for natural shade for next summer?
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    You'd have to be very careful about exhaust from vehicles in the garage. For a chicken's efficient respiratory system, carbon monoxide is deadly.

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