Indoor Duck Keepers... Come Hither!


10 Years
Jun 29, 2009
What do you use for your duck(s) to seep in at night? What do you use for flooring/bedding? I have a three week old duckling who will probably eventually be able to live out with the other ducks, but cannot at this time. Meanwhile, We just upgraded her from a rubbermaid container to a dog crate that's about 2 1/2 x 1 1/2 feet. She's finally big enough not to squeeze through the bars. But I'm not sure what to use for flooring for her. We've been using paper towels (and making sure they don't get too slick!) but those don't do much good. Wood shavings got very messy and stinky, and Mom doesn't want me using up the towels. And in general, she complains about the smell (which is not too abd in my opinion, but it's hers that really counts). Any ideas? Are paper towels probably the best option right now?
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My duckling sleeps on puppy pee pads at night and I just toss them in the morning. some use diaper harness to sleep in but I haven't done that for sleeping. He also sleeps in a crate.
Oooh, puppy pads! I forgot about those. Are they pretty reasonably priced? It would definitely be easy to have something that I can just toss out, that works better than paper towels!
I've heard of some people leaving diaper harnesses on at night too, but I don't think I want to do that either. They need some time to "air out". lol. If she wore a diaper at night she wouldn't need a crate.
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Just asked the same question in a different thread.

lol. How could I have missed that?! My bad.
I think we both posted at about the same time.

At least you posted with a relevant title. I just asked the question in my post about diapers.

Also, depending where you are, Kmart down here sells some pretty cheap. They sell Hartz brand, it worked well for my dogs and held an amazing amount of water when my first runners were indoors.
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