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Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by Bleenie, Jul 30, 2010.

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    With the humongous lack of help from anyone here [​IMG] I was unable to have an outside garden this year....SO.. I have been going a little nutso with the house plants and have decided to just have an "Indoor Garden". Do any of you guys have a lot of house plants or other plants indoors? I really love plants, nature, greenery and stuff and i love finding new ones i don't already have. Right now I have a few different types of Ivy's, some tropicals and I just got a Coffee Plant a couple days ago. The Coffee Plant was in kinda bad shape but i trimmed it back and repotted it so hopefully it'll take off after a bit.

    I found this really cool Silver Philodendron online today but have to find one for sale somewhere around here. I even posted an Ad on Craigslist looking for house plants or starts...... it will be a jungle in here in no time! [​IMG]
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    When I started keeping plants I just jumped into it. If you see something you like then Google it. Check the tag to see where it'll grow(zones). Check with your local greenhouse to find out more special info on your state. Living in Washington I would imagine has it's own climate. Were you wanting a vegetable garden or a flower garden? For flowers I'd buy perrenials so you can enjoy them every year. I'm not an annual person myself. Too much money wasted. For houseplants you can enjoy them indoors and out. Mine are outside until the evening temps are in the middle 40s.

    I didn't get help from anyone so I just did my own research and have my own experiences. If something didn't work then I tried something else and hoped that some day I could try again with something. I would print out pages of care and put them in sheet protectors and put them in 3-ring binders. I still have that book. I put notes on them if the care varied any(my own experiences).

    Vegetable gardens are super easy. You still have time for cold weather varieties like lettuces, cauliflower, celery. I would buy plants(if still available in your area) that are already started so you can enjoy them before winter hits your area. Build a cold frame if the nights will have frost soon.

    I hope it goes well for you. I sure enjoy my plants even if they have fungus, bugs, etc. I have my own experiences and my own stories to tell. And if you're in the greenhouse, don't hesitate to ask someone else in there what you could be doing to do better.
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    Bleenie come down here to visit me, I need to thin out my house plants, I have 4 tall trees I need to get rid of as well as some smaller plants.
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    goldenluver, i wish we were closer!! I don't think i could convince anyone to go with me and we don't nearly ever go down that far. [​IMG]

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