Indoor Housing Solutions?

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  1. DragonEggs

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    May 11, 2010
    Borger, TX
    Between raccoons and people I feel my chickens are no longer safe outside. We're making plans to move but it could take a few weeks. In the meantine I'm seeking indoor housing solutions for my birds. I don't have many right now (about 10 seramas and banties) and I have a decent sized back room/porch that is screened on one side. The door locks from the inside so nothing can bother my chickens. I would be glad to let them have free range of that whole room but I also have a second fridge back there (coincidentally where I keep my bird's water and treats), some patio furniture and other things. I could move everything except the fridge for more room, but the birds will still need to be caged in something. I plan to let them out into the yard to free range during the day under my close supervision.

    So, what I need is ideas about what to keep them in and how big. I want something big enough for at least 15 birds to sleep and move around comfortably in. I keep thinking something like a rabbit hutch but I'm not sure of how big of one. Open to ideas and suggestions. If anyone has any links to websites with building ideas or BYC pages or You Tube Videos please post! THANKS!
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    May 23, 2009
    Whatever you use, just be sure it's predator secure. Raccoons can easily rip through screening, and I know of people who have had caged parrots taken by predators from screened in porches.
  3. DragonEggs

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    May 11, 2010
    Borger, TX
    Do chickens do well in wire bottom hutches?
  4. ccrichard

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    Jun 2, 2010
    Loxahatchee, FL
    I have some 6 week olds in a wire bottom cage with a roost bar going accros the cage and they seem to be fine. The run around during the day in a pen and sleep there at night.
    Under the cage there is a sliding pan that is easy to hose off.

    Not sure how big your chickens are but here is a picture of what I have been using for an indoor brooder. So far I really like it.
    It is 8' Long and 3' Wide. From the floor of the hutch to the top of the cage lid is 1.5'.
    Not sure if this would be coon proof with the current wire, but if you made something like this with hardware cloth and and had some kind of a latch system.
  5. DragonEggs

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    May 11, 2010
    Borger, TX
    I think something like that could work just fine if I make it just a bit bigger and about 4 ft tall. I was thinking an 8x3.5 because it would fit in the corner of my back room perfectly. I might make it a bit smaller and do 2 on either side of the room.

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