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  1. INchix

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    Sep 11, 2013
    Hi, I have had rabbits before, but have always had them outdoors. Is there any way to keep them indoors without their pee and poop smelling? Or keep them from shedding like crazy? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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    Apr 4, 2013
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    Shedding.. can't help you there. My entire room is coated with rabbit hair LOL. But I also have 3, one being 12lb.
    If they are spayed/neutered, their pee smells less and they won't pee all over/spray.
    Litter train them and keep the litter box clean, and it'll be even easier to keep any smell down ;)
    Poop doesn't smell, minus cecal poop, which usually they eat before you can smell it. My bunnies fart sometimes though.
    They will ALWAYS poop everywhere (some more than others), they are marking their territory. Easy to vacuum though!

    Feel free to ask any more questions, I've had my rabbits for almost four years now! [​IMG]
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    Dec 2, 2012
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    You can control your rabbits better if they are house trained. The only way shedding can be controlled is by frequent grooming or simply getting a different breed, one that doesn't shed as much.

    The links below show good tips on rabbit keeping and house-training. I personally have owned rabbits for over 5 years.

    Please ask any questions you might have on your rabbits. We would be happy to help!
  4. animalgirl12

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    Aug 27, 2012
    I had a indoor bunny for about six years. His cage did smell and so I had to clean it often so it would not stink up the house. Bunnies much more friendly if they are in the house. As for the shedding and smell there is not much to do except brush and clean the cage
  5. BrendaJ

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    Sep 1, 2012
    This is Reggie. He lives indoors in the winter & outdoiors in the summer. He is litter box trained so bathroom issues are like a cat. Clean the box once a week & no smell. Shedding is an issue for any animal - brushing a few times a week helps. You can use a puppy play pen or cage but just make sure there is room for exercise. They love to chew chords so be careful - many rabbits die each year due to this. Reggie indoor cage is a large dog crate - gets out a few times a week to run around. His outdoor cyclone dog kennel - with the bottom covered in chicken wire so he cant dig out. The best thing for litter in the box is a small layer of pellets ( pellet stove kind ) they are very absorbent - then a layer of pine shavings. Some people put timothy hay in the box to start training them. Good luck. You can get good info online too :)

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