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We get brutally cold winters here and would like to put our guinea's in a pen in the barn for winter. They free range with the chickens and occasionally sleep in the chicken coop at night, though usually they just roost on top of the chicken run. Once the chickens are closed up for winter the guineas will be locked outside (not enough room to keep them enclosed with the chickens). The pen in the barn is 7' x 10' with a 10' or 12' ceiling. How many adult guineas can be kept in a pen that size and what would be the best male/female ratio?
Humm, I don't know the exact amount of space that you're suppost to have for guineas, but it might help if I knew how many guineas we're talking about.
Mrs. Fluffy Puffy :

Humm, I don't know the exact amount of space that you're suppost to have for guineas, but it might help if I knew how many guineas we're talking about.

Right now we have 5 adults, 1 female and 4 males. We don't know how many adults could fit in a pen that size or how many males to females would be best. Have someone willing to trade females for some of our males, but neither of us are sure on indoor requirements for guineas. Have found contradicting info online from 1 male/1 female for 50 sq ft to 1 male/6 females with 3-4 sq ft per bird. If the best fit is 1 pair then we'll just give them 3 of the males or if it's 1 male to 2 females or ? then we'll do our trade that way.​
I would definitely trade some of your boys for girls. The size of your pen sounds fine, I would put some roosts for them really high up, this would make them more comfortable. 1 or 2 boys would be all that you would need.
I also think your pen would be fine. Hope your poor hen holds her own with 4 males! Guineas are strange little critters- wild right outta the shell, but it's a great survival tool!
txcarl1258 is correct put a couple of roosts high as possible big enough for all to be able to roost on. They will choose one for night time.

The female is not in jeopardy from the imbalance of males, the other males are. One male will choose her as his mate and that will be the only bird to breed her. Create a couple of areas to hide on the floor, leaning a half sheet of plywood against the wall is all that is needed.

When there is snow on the ground the least frustrating thing for you is to keep them in the barn because Guineas are not at all fond of snow and will take to the trees to keep from touching it. Creating an outdoor pen from the stall is a plus if that can't be done then turning them out in to the barn will give them the extra space and exercise they need.

Add more females, don't get rid of the extra males. In no time you will have a better balance after the female begins to lay. A bigger Guinea flock is a more balanced easier to handle flock.
Thank you all for the replies

So if I got 3 more females that would give every male a mate of his own. With 8 guineas that would give them just over 8 sq ft per bird so they should have lots of room but still enough bodies to help keep them warm.
I was thinking of putting big tree branch roosts up high in each corner of the pen, plus the lower one that's in there now will give them 5 roosts to choose from. Put in a couple pieces of plywood and a big mirror for them to admire themselves with and the pen should be good to go.
Still haven't gotten any snow here yet, so will leave them free ranging for as long as possible. Winter hasn't even hit and am already looking forward to spring lol
If there is any chance that one or more are liable to use the tree branches as a night time roost I wouldn't put them in. A 2X4 installed with the wide side up is best to help prevent frost bite of the toes. Its next to impossible for them to keep their toes completely covered on a round roost.

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