Indoors for an hour before bedtime?


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Nov 30, 2020
First ducks! From four weeks old our three guys lived indoors for a month or so, and now, though it doesn't happen every evening, they come and bang on the back door of our main living room [not the one they grew up in] to be let in about 6pm, so they've got a washable homemade tray thing to come and s[h]it on, and they fall asleep even with three dogs and two cats in the same little room.

It's all a con trick. They are heavily imprinted on each other so they sort of like to keep their distance from us humans while still trying to get all the benefits of being pet lap ducks, like mealworms on tap, koi carp food, peas, sprouted mung beans...either that or they love the Simpsons.

I do think it's amazing, that what are essentially wild birds will come in a room full of carnivores for a handful of treats and a snooze by the fire, and I feel quite blessed, even though that's as much affection as I am ever likely to get! They grew up in a shed with a dozen others and were so petrified of everything human when they came here, and don't really like being handled or separated at all, so I feel well pleased with myself, but can't help wondering if they are battling their inner demons and trying to be affectionate without coming close enough to freak themselves out.

Does anyone else get an evening visit?

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