Industrial Vegetarian?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by RedTailRanch, Apr 17, 2008.

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    Here is a quote I copied from another thread that got me wondering:

    "In our own small way, some of us may be trying to make up for the harm that's caused by the callousness of the industiral treatment of animals. After all, we buy the cellophaned wrapped results and throw them on our grills or into the deep friers."

    It got me thinking about what I would consider myself. I am an ex-vegetarian. I was a vegetarian for 6 years back in my 20's (it's been a I had been thinking about going back to vegetarianism for the past year, mainly because I object to the treatment of animals that are raised commercially/industrially for food.

    When I decided to get my baby chicks a few months ago, I made the commitment to give up eating chicken (which was a HUGE part of my diet). Then I saw the news footage of the beef recall and how inhumanely these poor animals were being treated. That put an end to my meat eating days as well.

    Currently I still eat seafood, but never farm raised. I am also trying to move towards only eating seafood that has been harvested in an eco-friendly way.

    With all that being said, I have not given up entirely on meat. Of course, I have not had any in months, but with BBQ season approaching I will want to be out there grilling as much as possible. That brings me to the term "Industrial" or "Commercial" Vegetarian. That is what I consider myself now(as much as possible, anyway).

    I am committed to only eating meat that has been raised locally in the best possible conditions and killed in a humane manner. I avoid all commercially raised animal products as much as possible, and hope to continue to become a more eco-friendly consumer.

    Are there others out there that feel the same way? Do any of you out there in BYC land buy Bison or Elk, or other non-commercial meats?

    I would love to hear others thoughts on this!

    Chris in Spokane
  2. When we lived close to a Central Market, we would buy bison all the time and make burgers. They are wonderful and you can't tell a difference between bison and cow. I've tried to become a vegetarian before, but I just can't give up eating meat. [​IMG] It's so sad how those animals are treated. I think that I'm going to try being a Industrail Vegitarian.
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    I buy wild caught fish, because too many of the farms are ecological nightmares. I just signed up for a CSA sort of thing for locally raised grassfed beef. I subscribed to an eigth of a cow a month, but every other month someone else is taking the cow; we don't eat 30 lbs a month. I buy pork from the farmers market; pasture raised Berkshire pig....YUMMY. And we just joined a CSA. I want to support more humane and natural meat production and it flat out tastes better. I also buy bison and goat at the farmers market. I buy very little chicken these days because the farmers market chicken is too expensive and the store bought is commercially raised. I'm literally putting my money where my mouth is in terms of where my food comes from. I'm not free of grocery stores, but this weeks groceries from HEB for a family of four came out to less than $60.
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    When it comes to meat of any type the answer around here is simple. If we don't raise it ourselves or know exactly how it is raised we don't buy it.

    Grow most of our own vegetables, and tend to follow a seasonal diet. AKA what is in season we buy locally.

    We have our own cow and goat milk supply. Nothing out of the stores ever compares to what you can make yourself from this.
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    May 17, 2007
    Meat is getting to be so expensive, some of us are becoming de fact vegetarians.

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    I gotta admit that's the truth!!!! My poor hubby!!!! Even vegetables are something I'm worrying about, especially since what, 70% of produce is genetically modified. My Mother in Law is coming over to help me start a garden, meaning I'm gonna have to remember the canning lessons my mom gave me when I was like 7. That was like 15 years ago!!!! So I'll be needing pointers when that day comes lol!!!!
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    When you need pointers go to the "egg and chicken recipes section" and you will get lots of pointers there.

    All groceries are going to climb this year. Fuel is up, taxes are up, wages are anything but up. Grain is skyrocketing on the market. Dollar is still losing ground. Hay is predicted to almost double by this fall. Feed is going up monthly. Producer subsidies can't possibly keep up with it. Sad to say, but there are going to be a lot more hungry desperate people out there by this fall that will be happy to get that carrot stick.
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    Jul 14, 2007
    I am a veg for those same reasons. Many people don't want to become vegetarian because they don't want to give up their meat. I dig the term industrial vegetarian and totally agree with that. I personally don't think that I will go back to meat any time soon but I try to get "good" meat for my DH. Perhaps you could raise some broiler hens. With all the culled roosters we hear about on the board I would love to see a big comeback of old fashioned cock-Au-van. Its supposed to be a great dish that has been altered to use chicken thighs because of the poultry available. All those extra roos could be utilized.
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    I am a veg for the same reasons, too. If you ever check out those websites, you would know why. Although many would say the stuff on those websites about factory farms is fake, how can it be? The genically modiied stuff scares me too, I was learning about that recently in my homeschooling. Creepy. I also have found it hard to be a vegetarian because like everything has animal products in it. GM plants can, some foods are fried with lard, including HOSTESS CUPCAKES!!!!! I love those things but they have beef fat in them. That is so dumb. I do eat fish though. If my mom bought some meat, I might eat it. But only chicken and pork ribs. My favorites. But not KFC, there has been alot of bad stuff said about them. My mom doesn't really like me being a veghead, but that's fine, she is a meataholic. lol
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    Hey RTR!

    My husband and I have been more or less vegetarian since we were in our 20's too.

    I am very much the same way now. I will only eat meat if I know the animal was raised humanely or if it was wild. I only purchase organic dairy products and organic free-range eggs (when I have to buy eggs). It may cost more, but I don't use a lot of animal products, so I don't mind paying more.

    Americans eat waaaaay more meat than is necessary for one's health, in fact I believe a lot of Americans cause themselves health problems over the long-run by eating so many animal products, especially from factory raised animals.

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