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Mar 5, 2008
Just in case anyone else is running into the same problem finding bird bands (they're kinda expensive and not too many places have them), I figured maybe I'd post this and try to help someone out. I'm gonna have a flock of about 45 chickens, and zip-ties only come in a few colors. Rather than have to zip tie all kinds of color combos onto my chicken's legs, I got some skinny zip-ties and some beads with threading holes big enough for the zips. I got neon plastic beads(neon so they stand out), 500 ct for something under $2-$3 (maybe less, don't remember LOL!) from Wal-Mart, and there are 6 different colors. By just using 1, 2, or 3 beads I can come up with more than enough combos for my flock, and they're very lightweight. I just put one on my 5wks, just to try it out since I don't really need to identify them just yet, and she hasn't even noticed. Not only that, but it's kinda cool to see your birds with beaded bracelets!!!!
Just an idea. I'm sure someone else has already thought of it, props to them, but just in case here it is. Oh, by the way, since the beads take up some of the inside diameter of the zip-tie, compensate and get zips long enough. You can always trim them!
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Jan 25, 2007
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That is a good idea, just make sure you change them often and don't pull too tight... it's a horror to try to take of a leg band that has grown into the leg of a chick. Not fun at all.


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Apr 30, 2007
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We use numbered bands for our breeder/show birds. For chicks we use zip ties, we got a bucket thing of them at the hardware store with about a dozen colors. We use the colors and which leg for different matings. For example, our dun laced project birds. We put a pink zip tie on the left leg of the chicks from the pen that has the pure hen. For our other pen we put it on the opposite leg.


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Mar 6, 2008
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Thanks for the wonderful idea!!! I am getting several battery hens soon and wanted a cool way to tell them apart since they will all look so much alike. My girls will all get pretty beaded bracelets!!!


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Mar 19, 2007
I use that stretchy plastic gardeners tape that you use to tie up vines to trelllis. I've found it in green, brown and red. Don't have to worry if you leave it on too long as it is ment to stretch as the "vine" get bigger.
I've never used it permenantly, only for a couple months at a time when I cull my flock and try and figure which girl is laying and which are freeloaders.
I found them in the gardening center of Ace and Home Despot got $3 for 50'.



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Nov 22, 2007
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Thanks, Cyn, those look like a great idea. Easy to put on, and easy to cut off.

I like the bead idea too....very fashionable!

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