Infected eye?!

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    I noticed one day while feeding my chickens that one of them had torn up feathers under its eye. I examined it and saw a bloody, muddy mess of flesh hanging off. It wasn't to bad. I washed it well, and put some bacterial cream on it. It healed for the most part. I figured my rooster with a limp must've accidently grabbed her face instead of her comb. But today, I noticed where her cut was was very muddy, and I wanted to clean it off because I figured the cut was still healing. I got a closer look and right by her eye it was swollen and puss-y. I have no idea what to do. Please help me! Anyone? [​IMG]
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    Rinse it out with saline or water. Clean all pus out of the eye and apply some Terramycin eye or plain neosporin ointment twice a day. Is there still a wound under the eye as well? Call your local vet to see if they can see her or give you some strong antibiotics. The pus must be removed. Is she eating and drinking okay? Make sure that she drinks plenty of water, and offer some chopped egg or tuna, plus a little plain yogurt for probiotics.

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