infected eye


9 Years
Aug 23, 2013
I have noticed the other chickens peeking her in the eye, I just found out about the snotty chicken disease and treated them for 3 days (is this too short a period) I am treating her with tetracycline again. It is largley swollen even has eye partially open and can see pus in the eye area. I use straw as their bedding. This has been going on for a couple of months but not this bad. I have her singled out now by herself till she heals. she is a bantam. small, very light weight. she has not been grooming herself and has some rough feathers. I thank you for your comment earlier. Do I need to continue to treat the other chickens with tetracycline. they appear healthy now and does not smell bad around the head. thank you 3Xgranny
If the chicken had a bad odor before treament you might be dealing with coryza which responds better to Di-Methox orAlbon (sufadimethoxine.) Since you don't know what disease it is I would probably treat with Tylan (for 5-7 days), Erythromycin, or oxytetracycline if your medicine does not seem to be working. You have to give the tetracycline for 7-14 days and use the stronger mixing directions on the label. I would treat the rest too if you continue the tetracycline.

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