Infection of follicles?

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    One of my Black Star hens has what seems to be an infected butt. History: Way back last summer she had a lump of poo dried into her butt feathers. I tried to pull it off but it was stuck so hard I pulled a few feathers in the effort - gave up and cut the remaining feathers necessary to get the stuff off. So she had a pink bare spot. I just ignored it as cosmetic. She laid well all summer. Recently I noticed that her bare pink spot seemed redder. I looked and the area below the vent is soft, swollen, warm, and reddened. The feather follicles seem to be inflamed - they're red and puffy, and it looks like a bad case of acne. I can't tell if she's still laying - I'll try to isolate her to determine that. But I think she needs some sort of general antibiotic for that butt! There is NO obvious break in her skin anywhere, and she is still eating, running around, and acting just like herself. The 4 hens have a 20 x 20 open area during the day and go into a strong locked coop at night. Their bedding is hay (needs to be changed right now!) but they spend their coop time on the perch or in the nest boxes. Right now we're having a wet spell so they're condemned to a muddy outdoor area, a covered hay-filled hideout, or the covered area where their food is.


    1. what antibiotic I should use
    2. where to get it ( no poultry vets in area)

    Thanks, folks!
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