Infertile Ameraucana eggs!

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  1. Hi! I've never seen a roo go 'infertile', but it seems my black Ameraucana guy, Jack, did.
    Poor Jack seems to have been infertile since about July 1st . We had several days of 100 degree+ temps and most of the Am' girls quit laying. It must have affected Jack adversely too (that's the only excuse I can make for him, he's healthy and was mating the girls).
    The eggs I set here are clear and eggs cracked to check are without a bulls-eye [​IMG]
    I set Am' eggs but didn't crack any to check fertility for 3 wks, or I would have caught this earlier.
    I apologize to everyone that got dud /clear eggs.

    I'll refund or replace the dud eggs, whichever you'd prefer.
    Thanks for your patience,
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    Mar 6, 2008
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    One hundred degree temps will crash the sperm count in lots of animals, even corn doesn't pollinate very well at temps over 96*. But real reason I posted is, that by your post is, that you are truly a great business person. [​IMG]
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    Well he must have had a good day or I got one hen that had enough stores cuz I have one of your eggs from 7/6 that was fertile [​IMG] . I just candled tonight and it's still going strong [​IMG]


    Just edited to add that "all" may not be lost and anyone that got any may want to wait to discard at least a few days, why throw a good one out [​IMG]
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    I know we spoke over e-mail, but I too wanted to say how great you are! We waited until day 12 and after hearing from you when I just had "yellow orbs" I opened an egg and like you said it was not fertilized. I checked the rest before throwing them out and they too were the same. Things happen and you can't control the weather! What is it they tell men who are trying to conceive? Stay out of the hot - tub! Looking forward to when he gets back to business so to speak [​IMG]

    You are a true and honest business woman who stands by her . . . eggs [​IMG]

    Thanks again!
  5. Oh Thanks!
    I'm sorry for the inconvenience and embarrassed that I didn't catch it sooner.

    On a good note, I like the new blue Am' roo better than black Jack. When the hens eggs are fertile again, I'll know they are all Cobalt babies [​IMG]


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