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Discussion in 'Pigeons and Doves' started by Quacking Pigeon, Jul 17, 2018.

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    Ive noticed overtime that my original female highflyer has never layed any eggs nor mated that often. She has a mate at the moment which is a ‘Latte’ looking pigeon, and I’ve seen them attempt to mate once unsuccessfully due to a cock bird attacking them.

    At the moment I’ve put some eggs layed from a young pair of recessive red pigeons, the dad being an Iraqi pigeon and mum being a fantail x king thing. The eggs are pretty small and I know that in a pigeons first batch only one egg is usually fertile (especially with young birds). I’m hoping at least one of the eggs is fertile and hatches, so the highflyer can begin to raise a squab, and if that goes successfully she breeds and raises young of her own. But if she’s infertile I’ll just use her and her mate to hatch other birds eggs.

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