Infertile - Sterile - why??

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    Jun 21, 2011
    My flock has aged pretty well with rooster 4 years old and several hens. First 2 years we worked with a local school supplying eggs to incubate both years I rotated out old hens for chicks. Last spring, the 3rd year, none of them hatched so I tried a batch at home and none hatched. Started paying attention to the eggs and did not find any spot on yolk indicating the eggs were getting fertilized so then dawned on me that my beautiful old boy hadn't been 'chasing tail' like he used to do. He had a foot injury over the winter that I had treated and seemed to be totally healed I can understand it hurting him to much during that period to do his duty but seriously he's a healthy man again so what is stopping him? This brings us to this spring - spring #4 of my flock. Replenished the youthful age of my hens from store bought stock and since there is still no sign of my big boy fertilizing I have held back on slaughtering 2 of the roos. Now we approach fall the young hens are producing eggs (we call them the low cholesterol eggs because of their size). The new roos are chasing tail like crazy and I am still seeing no sign of the eggs being fertilized.

    So now that you have a basic history I'm hoping someone in the 'know' will tell me the boys aren't old enough to be that successful yet. OR worse maybe give me a list of other reasons I might be having trouble that I can start searching for answers from.

    Free fed, free range flock currently gorging itself on grasshoppers, fallen apples and grapes when not feasting on the layer ration.

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