infestation? treatment plan critique please

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    Oct 13, 2013
    I have 21 dominiques. They live in a barn stall we close at night Free range 12-14 hours everyday. Free choice of an all purpose feed and we give all our kitchen scraps.

    All summer they have been picking feathers from themselves and their skin is very red. We have examined and cant find any mites or lice at all on any birds. They are red and plucking on backs, wings, and around vents. Rooster pecking around vent and very red (I figure he is passing it to all the girls.

    We have treated by dusting each bird at night 3 times with improvement each time with sevin dust. We haven't treated the coop so I figure that is our next step.

    Please critique my plan of attack:
    Empty coop/stall completely down to the dirt
    sweep off walls
    spray a bleach spray on walls and dirt, and roosting poles, etc
    sevin dust spray the coop (liquid)
    dust the floor with DE
    clean hay

    Could this be something else that I am missing. We are ready to rid ourselves of this problem.
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    You will have to repeat the treatment to the coop every 10 to 12 days until there is no longer any trace of mites/lice. Make sure you treat every single nook and crany. I suggest also checking the new bedding thoroughly. It's possible for hay to harbor mites.
  3. chrissistevens

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    Oct 13, 2013
    my problem is that I have not been able to SEE I just treat assuming they will be there?

    AND-they free range the whole barn-which I can not that a problem?
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