Inflammation of air sac???


9 Years
Jan 2, 2011
I have a duck that looks like a chipmunk...
He is acting normal - eating, drinking, chasing me and quack quack quacking but has what appears to be inflammed air sacs. Anyone know anything about this?
I got no responses when I wrote about this with my chick here. I did some research and decided to use a sterile needle, taking care to ONLY get beneath the skin, because I read it can compress the organs and cause issues. She's fine now but i'm too much of a newbie to truly advise. My chick was in DESPERATE shape, in many ways, and I felt this was too much for her to handle. If she were acting fine, I don't think I'd do anything other than gently massage the crop.
This ended up being airsacculitis from an unknown cause. I have a fairly large flock and after researching it decided to cull the one with symptoms. It was a sad and heartwrenching decision especially because he seemed so normal otherwise, I just can't afford for him to get my flock sick and the probable causes are very bad news to a flock. I regret my decision now but I am sure long term it was a good choice. RIP

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