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    Instructions: Read the scenario and answer all the questions. This is to give everyone on here some more information and ideas on what they can do to help their chickens

    You are out of Epsom salts, and no way into town to get more and no neighbors have any. Your chickens feet are inflamed so you give them a quick rinse off to get a better look and discovered no injures. So its possible your chicken got its leg caught in something and it caused swelling. Waiting for the swelling to go down naturally doesn't seem to be helping. The swelling could be making it hard to see an possible injury between the toes so you decide to step in to help

    What do you give/ do to decrease the swelling? (keep in mind soaking in Epson salts is not an option)

    If soaking the birds feet:
    What are you soaking them in?
    How long do you soak them for?
    And other information we need to know

    If feeding or adding something to water: (if its a recipy please type it as such with measurement and insturctions)
    What are you giving the bird?
    How are you giving it to them?
    How often do you give it to them?
    Is it safe for the rest of the flock to have as well?

    I have designed this so if anyone on here runs into this possibly scenario or one similar they may be able to find something on this thread that can help.
    Please only post to answer the questions so that other members wont have to d a bunch of scrolling to find something that might work for them
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