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    Forgive me if this is in the wrong place, feel free to move it. I figured selling birds is part of management...

    Anyways, I wanted to ask a bunch of you how you ship your chicks and older birds. Some tips for shipping are appreciated.
    Where do I get the boxes? How do I calculate the shipping price?

    Walk me through this step by step...
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    Another helpful note is that to legally ship birds, you must be NPIP certified, and have the papers to prove it while shipping your bird(s). [​IMG]
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    Thank you, thats important to know!
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    I put down a nice bed of shavings. Put a sliced apple in the box. Put the birds in, then weigh the box. Go online to USPS and print my labels. Our PO here, the express truck comes around 1pm so I drop the birds off around 12pm. Ship express only. Also, write the buyers phone # in several different places on the box.

    I don't put my NPIP papers on the box. Never had problems.
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    Thanks so much for that info. I was reading online how another breeder put some cantaloupe in the box. I am looking into getting my NPIP certification.
    Do you know what their standards are like for passing certification? This is kind of more of a backyard hobby for me. I converted some old stalls in an ancient dairy barn into coops, and put an outside run on them. They're clean and dry, but surely not fancy.
    I also have one stall in my horse barn I use for growing out. It doesn't have a run, it's just a 14X14 stall full of 20-30 chickens.

    What about any other animals on the pr operty? Is that taken into consideration?

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    Quote:Basically all they do is come and blood test the birds. They prick a small vein under the wing and mix it with the antigen. If it clumps they are positive. My tester never saw a positive case and doesn't know of anyone here in NY who has. They are also supposed to look around the premise, for signs of rats, sick birds, etc. But mine didn't do that. I suppose if the birds they are testing look horrible or are dirty etc, then they will look around. I had about 50 chickens at the time, plus ducks. They tested about 30 of them. They don't test ducks here. I have heard the don't like chickens to be close to quail or in the same pen as quail.
    Not sure in PA if they have a min. number they test or a %.
    Once you are NPIP, you get a number and certificate. The only thing is you can't purchase from non NPIP breeders. Some states I've heard you can, but they have to be seperated from your birds until they are tested.
    I just cleaned the coops a couple days before she came, and made sure everything was tidy.
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