Info on Duramycin (antibiotic) and eggs

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Jun 18, 2009
I read a few posts on the use of Duramycin-10 and if the eggs can be eaten during the treatment of this antibiotic. I found that some feed the eggs back to the hens. DON'T! I called the maker and they said to wait a full 21 days after the last day of administering the medication. Otherwise you would be feeding the antibiotic right back to the chicken. Obviously eggs are not ready for consumption by humans until 3 weeks later also. Crack them open over a pile of compost - great fertilizer.

Also for new eggs like I still kind of am. If your chicken makes sounds like it has a cough but it is only 10 weeks old give it a couple of days before administering antibiotics! She might just lose her peeping and turning it into a grown up chicken sound. I made the mistake to call the feed store after one of my 3 year-old chickens made a terrible wheezing sound when inhaling and a day later one of the baby chicks started to make raspy noises too. They immediately recommended treating ALL of the hens with Duramycin because all of them would be infected. Well, the 3 year old was not doing the sound anymore after only one day of administering the drug and the babies are still doing their new sounds. Looks to me like I acted to fast. Better wait next time and know that not everything should be treated with antibiotics anyway!!!!! Oh well I learned.
Good info. And about the 10 months old "coughing", I think that it usually happens a lot earlier than that, but okay.

If it's actually coughing that's most likely respiratory infection... = cull.

It's nice to see you here again.
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my chickens sneeze every now and then - should i be concerned? then a couple starts to "yawn" - gagging while stretching her neck out - but she did this only at night that I saw once. These chickens are 3 months old and 8 months old.
Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks for the info!

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