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11 Years
Dec 8, 2008
Hi All, i have had 3 episodes of eggbound hens in the last 3 months. I know this condition happens, but that seems FAR too frequent to me. So far, each episode has ended happily with the poor girl passing the egg the next day. I have studied up on how to treat an eggbound chicken - so, I'm not asking for advice there. Rather, what could be causing my girls to be getting eggbound so much??? Is there some kind of difficiency in their diet that i have missed? They have pleanty of Layena Crumbles and water all the time. I also provide scratch once in a while (which surprizingly isnt a huge hit), I also provide fresh veggies from the local markets once a week. I do feed their shells back to them once we use their eggs and they love it. There are several nests they use in the bushes as well as a pretty fancy nesting box which was all the rage in the beginning but has now become just another nest in the mix with the bush-nests.

So, what can i do differently or provide more of or provide something else/new???

Let me know guys, would love the help


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Feb 12, 2009
Western North Carolina
I understand that it is a calcium deficiency. I give oyster shell grit. They have access to this 24/7. You can give them tums for a quicker dose of calcium until you get them started on some sort of calcium supplement.

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