Info on Rhode Island Reds contradictory ??

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by DreamsInPink, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. DreamsInPink

    DreamsInPink Songster

    I may be picking up a couple RIRs tomorrow... but I had crossed them off my list of breeds I wanted a while back, due to some saying they are aggressive. I've read reviews on several different sites and they're all over the place. lol

    What is your experience with them? I'd only be getting probably 2 to add to my little flock...

    What are your thoughts? Thanks.
  2. cafarmgirl

    cafarmgirl Crowing

    I used to keep RIR's but not any more. They were always sweet birds with me, very friendly, but in the flock they were quite aggressive to the others. I just got tired of it and quit having any of them, now my flock is much more peaceful.
  3. DreamsInPink

    DreamsInPink Songster

    See, that's what I was afraid of.

    Darn it though... our co op is getting chicks in tomorrow... but the only breed I'm interested in are Silver Laced Wyandottes... but I have to buy 6. I'm getting two for myself, 1 for my daughter and a Barred Rocked for her as well. So I need to figure out 2 more to get.
  4. bigt447

    bigt447 Chirping

    Jul 10, 2015
    My RIRs are not aggressive....they are dominated by the Barred Rocks.

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