Information on Brahmas, Sussexs, and Naked Necks/Turkens needed

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    Alright so I am getting 5 chicks in the summer to add to my silkie flock. I was planning on getting 2 naked necks, 1 brahma, 1 speckled sussex, and 1 silkie. I already know about Silkies but I do need information on the other three breeds.

    Here are my questions:
    - are these breeds okay to live with silkies?
    - are they all heat and cold hardy?
    - what diseases are they prone to?
    - personalities?
    - are there any reputable naked neck breeders in the New England area?

    Any information on Sussexs, Brahmas, and Naked Necks that I didn't ask about is helpful too!

    I appreciate any help given!! :D
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    Brahma and sussex should be fine with silkies. Got nothin for you on the nàked necks. Ask BYCer:Turk Raphael :. He breeds them.
    Best, Karen
  3. CP Chicken

    CP Chicken Crazy about Turkens

    Thanks! :D
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