Information regarding breeding silkie showgirls


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Nov 29, 2020
I wanted to know who the dominating colour comes from silkie cockerel or naked neck hen. eg. if I cross any colour turken to a white silkie what would the colour be. Thanks for your time
Long story short, it all depends! Theres two genes that cause white that are basically indiscernible, so your Naked Neck x White Silkie cross could end up with 100% white chicks, or just chicks who carry the white gene, or some % inbetween (depending on carried genes). What colour are your naked necks? :D also all of the chicks (assuming your naked neck is fully naked, and not a bowtie) would have bowtie necks ^^
thanks for answering
I am trying to breed a showgirl from a turken naked neck, i have a chance locally, to buy turken eggs, the parents are red white and black. thanks
The only color breeding I know is blue/black/splash......but I think that it's safe to say if you used a white silkie AND a white turken, the chicks will be white.

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