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    If you have a clever idea, or you've found a creative solution to a common problem, post a photo here!
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    [​IMG] A 55g drum to minimize having to refill and heat multiple 5g buckets throughout winter. Has 250w water heater. Chicken nipples undermounted. Blocks as base. Cone added to prevent roosting, as we all know- if they can roost on it, they will find a way, then poop too. To use cones in your coop, there made using a simple template/ formula: Determine the diameter of what your wanting to cover. That diameter is the radius of the semi-circle you need to cut. Then cut a semi-circle (half circle) of DOUBLE diameter. Fold. Example: A 55g drum is 24" diameter. You must cut a 24" radius semi-circle (48" diameter) and then simply bend into a cone. For buckets & Feeders, typically 12" across,diameter. Cut a half circle with a radius of 12", or diameter of 24". ***NOTE*** Adding a few inches to the diameter of the cutout allows the cone to sit over the lip of a bucket or drum. The cone over the 55g drum is 30" radius, 60" diameter before folding.
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