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    I am wondering if anyone knows EXACTLY what is in these cans of moist meal worms and if any of you have had trouble feeding them. I have been buying canned mealworms on line from Drs Foster Smith, the brand is "Bird Watchers Choice". They are not alive, but have been originally dried and have been "Packed in their own juices". This is what I want to know. What exactly IS their own juices? I have googled this to death and there is no information out there.

    The reason I want to know is, I had been buying them for my quail and over this past winter, one of my girls seems to get sick after I feed them to her. (She can eat the dried ones however, without these juices.) Needless to say she is not allowed to have any more of the wet ones, however the other quail seem to be fine eating them.

    I recently bought more for my new chickens, having never fed these to them, and now I am a fraid to feed them, not knowing what exactly is in these things. Is it possible my little quail has an allergy to "these juices"? What is in this can?? ANY information would be appreciated. Thanks...Leyla [​IMG]
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    Why not feed live ones? I would think it would be more "fun" for the chickens?
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    I always thought it meant the fluids from their bodies that leak out during processing.

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