Ingrown silkie foot feathers

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    Jul 19, 2011
    Ugh every silkie breeder I have spoken to has NEVER had this issue. Little poppycock started getting ingrown feathers when they started developing so I would have to sit down and use a pin and sometimes tweezers to get them out. He always seemed so refreshed when I got them to come out. Well a month or so ago he was getting them again and they were getting infected and he had them growing in these lumps that looked like tumors. So I numbed his poor feet with ice water and wrapped him up in a towel and proceeded to do minor surgery. He was doing better but today one of the lumps was back. And once to surgery.This time after slicing I heated up the razor with the lighter and used that to stop the bleeding. He is now happy in his little pen inside.
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    Poor thing. I feel so sorry for him and for you. I'm glad he is doing better though. I was just wondering if this may be the problem for someone else on here I just read a few minutes ago, who had a swollen red foot (really swollen), I noticed in the picture that the chicken had feathers on it's feet also, and they were sticking straight out, you really couldn't tell very good about the picture, but I had a feeling to ask her if it might be an infected feather folicle, but I didn't. But it does look like a terrible infection. Could you go and look at the picture and see if her problem might be the same as yours? She is really in desprate need of help, and I know her ("Sally Mae" I think was the chicken's name), could really use some relief. Thanks, and so glad you were able to handle your surgery, I hope I never have to try to do anything like this, I really don't think I could. [​IMG] I think her post was "Is this bumblefoot, and what do I do?"

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