initial necropsy report: "fatty liver hemorrhagic syndrome"

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    I have been reading this site for advice for along time and I have learned TONS. This is my first post because I spent hours poring over it in the past couple of days and didn't read about this.

    On Tuesday morning I went to feed my flock and do a general walk about and checkup.

    I opened the coop and there laid a dead chicken. Initial reaction is "predator in the coop."

    I picked up the bird and noticed there was no blood, no wounds. Checked the vent and all was fine. Checked for everything I could possible think of.

    This was one of my original 12 chickens I started with over a year ago and was horrified. She was healthy, a great layer, and had shown absolutely no signs of being sick.

    I now have nearly 100 chickens on 40 acres that free range and I use all natural feed and tons of garden scraps and hen scratch. I sell the eggs to neighbors, the local natural marketplace, and have built up a huge following for my eggs. I also sell some of the chickens to locals and have started to advertise and hatch my own eggs. I was worried that I might be selling sick eggs/bad chickens.

    I freaked out wondering if I had some kind of crazy disease. I have dealt with predators, dealt with mildly sick chickens that I have nursed back to health. I have seen chickens that were mangled bad from stray dogs and seen them make a full recovery. I know how hardy and resilient these amazing birds can be and to have one of my oldest, healthiest chickens die with no external signs was startling to me.

    Apparently the signs were there I just didn't see it. I overnighted the corpse to UC Davis to get a necropsy. The result: fatty liver hemorrhagic syndrome. The report said she was "extremely obese."

    I fed her to death? She was free ranged and got tons of exercise. I will cut back on the hen scratch and corn scraps for awhile.

    I am sad to lose one of my original girls, but relieved that it is not a disease, infection, or virus.

    What is interesting is that I searched "fatty liver hemorrhagic syndrome" in the forum after I got the result and there were two results. One of them was of a black sex link that died in the same manner. My hen was a black sex link.

    I wonder if sex links are predisposed to this or its just a coincidence. I also wonder how many cases of Sudden Chicken Death I read about on this forum is actually fatty liver hemorrhagic syndrome. A lot of the hens were "healthy", and I definitely considered my hen to be healthy; but how "healthy", is too "healthy". Not that I know, just a thought. Because if she was in danger I have about 8 other chickens I am going to make chicken treadmills for.

    Anyways, This forum is amazing and I have learned soooo much. I plan on contributing what little I have learned more often; I think it's only fair for all of the knowledge I have gleaned from it.
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    So very sorry for your loss [​IMG]
    That's extremely commendable that you took such a measure to find out what the problem was.

    Had to [​IMG] over this part:
    Quote:I can just see them joggin' hens...
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Honestly, sexlinks are prone to mostly reproductive issues like egg yolk peritonitis, internal laying, false laying, etc. They may be prone to other illness but I'm not so sure about that one. Could have just been her and the other one you read about was coincidence.

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